Embird Tutorial: Dingbats in Studio with JR

Embird Tutorial: Dingbats in Studio with JR

  • How to use it to create unique designs in Studio
  • using Dingbat fonts.
  • Why Studio as Editor can also do it?

Where to get fonts, and how to select them


Free fonts and payable fonts are available.


How do you manage this?

This Embird Tutorial take you beyond any limits

and take you to  places that might feel like a trip around

the |”creative world”.

Creating the most excuisit tribal designs,

so colorfull, so amazingly beautifull.

That same Dingbat font selection offer as well

the most delicate designs for the finest linens

you can dream to see.

I would so much love to tell you what was done in

this class, I am so exiting as I sit here writing to

you, and I wish I can just put it in a few words-

it is just amazing!

The image shown here is just about 10 persent

of what is going on in this Embird tutorial.

So, the biggest favor you can do yoursel

is go and get this class now, and start

your own exploration and having fun.

Embird Tutorial Dingbats End Result in this class;

Embird tutorial


Embird Tutorial Membership Joining

Catalogue of all Embird tutorials

Like always: it is such a honor, and give our family

great pleasure sharing our Embird Tutorial with all

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