Why should you do Embird Training with Phil?

Why should you do Embird training and digitizing classes with Phil?

Phil’s weekly live web seminars ( webinars) provide Embird training in all modules of the software in and advance form. Jacqui on the other hand does her Embird training only for beginners. Both Phil and Jacqui’s classes are video recorded and not edited so you see the mistakes and questions as they are asked in class. We have decided from the start that this would be the way we will provide you with the download. NO Fixing of mistakes!!!


Live Embird Training is provided weekly by Embird Teachers, Philip (Phil) Viljoen and Jacqui Viljoen.

List of digitizing classes already recorded

JR Viljoen also do Embird training on a One to One project only.

Our Digitizing Training Studio is located at:

195 Pretoria rd, Rynfield, Benoni
Gauteng, South Africa, 1514
Cell: 082 870 2459 Phil.
071 803 3341 Jacqui.
072 230 2320 JR

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So the decision is yours why not try Phil Embird training for 2 months?

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