Embird Tutorial Presents: Splitting large Designs in Studio

Embird Tutorial about Splitting in editor

Yes you can Split a large design in Studio.
This amazing method  shown in this Embird Tutorial, eliminate frustrations of not having very large hoops, plus:
it gives you a good understanding of .eof.

This Embird Tutorial explain the pro’s and con’s of .eof

What is an eof file?

What is a stitch file and an art file?

Can You only edit eof files in Studio?

How do you edit a design in Studio if it is not eof?

Where to draw the line for splitting.

All this will be revealed in this amazing Class in the Embird Tutorial.

This is the second of 3 classes where you now  really explore all your options to split a design.
You will be amazed to realize that with the help of this Embird Tutorial there is no
limits to size you can embroider.
Although it means more hooping, you will know just when and where to apply what is needed.  No need for you to figure this out, as it is already done for you!

The design before the split as we use in this Embird Tutorial and the previous class:

Embird Tutorial

You will receive this design as part of the first class so you can practice your splitting, and stitch it out so you can go through all the steps in this Embird Tutorial and on your machine to master this amazing easy to follow steps.

Yes, you can do large designs having small hoops only, and it is all made possible with this Embird Tutorial.

This is so amazing to think your teacher in Embird Tutorial can be paused, rewinded, and re listened to as you desire, and no critics to roll eyes, or to tell you: but I told you this so many times………

You can purchase this class which include the design: 

2011-09-14 Splitting big Designs in Studio
2011-09-14 Splitting big Designs in Studio
2011-09-14 Splitting big Designs in Studio Working in Embird Studio we Split a BIG design into 4 design to each fit into a 100 x 100 hoop.
Available Qty: 48
Price: $14.95
Price: $7.95

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